kpop_curry • Follow. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Log In. The Curry Song Lyrics: Yo / This song goes out to Sangey / (who is sangey your gay other half? Cookies help us deliver our Services. 1. If you think this post means I hate Stray Kids or Bang Chan, it doesn't. Don't attack skz, instead make them understand what they have done wrong .. EDIT- There was a girl on youtube under the very video who kept arguing that on a vlive they apologized to Indian fans in particular for singing the curry song, when I asked her if she was talking about the insta apology she said No they went live and apologized which I am very sure they did not but if they did apologize to Indian fans in PARTICULAR please link the video in the comments. (Yes this is true! I as a brown person say this. 19. It makes me feel 'Even if we don't apologize we have many fan girls wrapped around our fingers so if you leave we don't care and anyway you are Indian, a country we will never visit or never care to visit.'. About See All. 1- The fanbase views Bang Chan as the source of all that is good. I literally tried searching but found little to nothing on calling them out. No one cares that Indian people are respectful of other cultures, value knowledge and learning (I wouldn't have graduated university if not for the abundance of educational content created by Indian people posted for free on YouTube), and no one cares that they have been repeatedly marginalised if not blatantly disrespected. That's horrible, I can't imagine how bad you must feel. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Their name is an acronym for “Before Anyone Else” and includes the number 1 for perfection […] Do not repost . There were and are still a lot of indians fans not ok with it, and rightfully so, since they were never even directly addressed. Lastly I thought about deleting this because it's controversial AND pointless but I'm keeping it just because some people felt like this expressed how they felt as well. It's horrible to see any public figures perpetuating racism, but especially when you really like them. Forgot account? They are planned to debut in the second half of 2021. But when I brought up the video of stray kids singing it she said it was 'okay' because its stray kids and bang chan is and I quote 'woke'. See more of Curry Kpop on Facebook. The rest is bad but using a prayer in a song is outrageous why even do, that I'm in shock. Amasawa Yoichiro was abandoned by his parents and has been wandering the world alone. Doctor fact . The same person who learned sign language just so he could communicate with fans, the same person who learned Japanese so he could communicate with a friend (Sana), and the same person who literally only sleeps 6 hrs a week because he’s up all night producing and editing music just for his group, and lastly the same person who communicates with fans for over an 1hr at times (v-lives) despite his work schedule(I obviously don’t know Chan personally so I can’t really say he’s a good person or means any of it) however I can say this, whether or not he actually cares about us the man and the rest of stray kids clearly work hard to please their fans. It makes me feel I admire artists who don't care about anything but wanting fans to only flock to their concerts and buy their stuff. Thank you for posting at r/kpoprants. Your feelings are completely valid, but I honestly thought they were apologizing for everything, but it might seem the way you are feeling it since that was the most recent issue they’ve had and it probably read like that. It's because I like them, a lot. 209 likes. What hurt was that they didn't mention or apologize to Indian fans directly, even after so many had to call them out. Also saw oh my girl singing this song. Why SKZ Were in the Wrong and what as POC we can do about it. The group consists of: Geumhee, Sua, Seoyeon, Yeham, Naeun, Yoonjeong and Duna. This is so disrespectful. Hyunjin and SKZ probably learnt now cause they received backlash. MANY idols have sang this song and don't seem to have a thought in their head what are they singing. BTS’s music began as old-school R&B and hip-hop, but has since incorporated a myriad of genres, from EDM to South African house. The 2010 song release became controversial when Seventeen sang it on their V-live on the 13th. 2,494 Likes, 145 Comments - Kpop Curry (@kpop_curry) on Instagram: “As requested . When it comes to their previous apology and despite how vague they were I think it most likely came from a place of actually being genuine. Curry Kpop. Anyways Indian kpop stans I applaud you all for dealing with all these little stereotypical jabs at our people and culture- they really start to hurt after a while I know :( and then on top of that being dismissed and mocked for speaking up about it. On July 15, Norazo's founding member Jobindedicated a lengthy letter of apology toward global K-Pop fans for the duo's 2010 hit song, "Curry". kpop_curry. Hello u/theoceanblooms, your comment was one of the top comments of the day. The lyrics are inexcusable. I obviously have my doubts just like any other however than I remember this is Chan’s group were talking about. I might be stretching but Indians in general are so looked down upon. I am a bot! The only reason they mentioned black people specifically at all was because we were the loudest regarding the controversy, and so the other POC that they offended were left with a vague apology due to JYPE’s Wack management. Stage Name: JunCurryAhn Birth Name: Ahn Jun Sung (안준성) Birthday: February 18, 1993 Zodiac Sign: […] Curry - interesting facts, quizzes, polls, who wore it better and much more. At that moment, singing that song, they only saw them as what the song made them out to be. Also for any of the Indian stays who were offended it might be best to maybe mention something on one of Chan’s v-lives (please don’t spam of course) but just let Chan know how you guys feel (obviously don’t be aggressive) and that you were deeply hurt. Artist. Other example the way people react to infamous sterotypical igonarnt dance. Please contact the moderators if you have any questions or concerns. Do not repost . You know it is not a fanwar material? They don't care. 13,755 views ... My favourite song with the hottest boys. If you want to leave the fandom that’s okay and you have every right too, and if someday you decide to comeback just know you’ll always be welcome☺️. 05Class Members Profile and Facts 05Class (05클라쓰) is a 7 member pre-debut girl group under JPlanet Entertainment. I'm sorry, but if they didn't directly apologize for insulting Indians, then they didn't apologize for it. Even our idols. Post 11:54 AM - Today #1 2020-08-07T11:54. On the violin side, he’s done songs like Save Me - BTS, Spring Day, Blood Sweat & Tears, Not Today, Fire... you get the gist lol.He’s done more kpop/outside kpop, I just really like these.. He’s met BTS at Kcon before, who recognized and know who he is (such a cute vid, honestly). RAVI - Leaf (낙엽) (Feat. skz didn't really apologize, they said they were sorry if they offende ppl, without really aknowledging their mistakes. I believe that when people do something racist even if they are not educated in it, they must take a look at their actions and LEARN why people are behaving the way they are. . The video was uploaded by YouTuber named Kpop curry. And at last the NCT stage which became hot trend topic because of the sterotype dance . 63,936 views. No one cares. Please contact the moderators if you have any questions or concerns. You also see this with JYPE the company also doing it (not just their idols) of being incredibly vague or straight up hiding key information on purpose (the way they straight up lied about how woojin “quit” the company when he actually was kicked out and blacklisted for visiting “woman server bars” which is the only information that was proven to be true by k fans regarding that situation) yet Chan had some kind of decency to hint that he definitely didn’t just quit the company. I'm Indian and honestly so tired of our culture used as an asthetic but other elements being mocked. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The song is usually used in fun, upbeat dance videos, like those from creators Jack Wright and Zoi Lerma. I’m still dumbfounded as to why JYPE does this, seriously what do they have to lose. Press J to jump to the feed. There was nothing offensive about Exciting India group wearing Panjabi and dancing IN India. Your feelings are valid, and the song is extremely common in Korea. 5,417 Likes, 234 Comments - KPOP CURRY (@kpop_curry) on Instagram: “Swipe I want to make a edit on this song using this MV and I did it . He debuted as a solo singer under the stage name JUN, with the song ‘When I Call’ on November 28, 2017. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Blackpink’s video for How You Like That was the most-viewed music video premiere on YouTube with 50 million views in 11 hours; Indian fans of the K-pop … Ye rashi thi Song credit: @yashrajmukhate.. Do not repost .. #bts #btsindianmemes #btsindiaarmy #btsindianmeme #btsindianarmy #btsindianarmys #btsindianedits #btsindianarmy #btsindia #btsindianedit #btsxindia #btsxbollywood #btsbollywood #btsbollywoodedits #btsbollywoodcrack #btsmeme #btsmemes #memebts #memeindia #kpopindia … He literally was right in front singing the song LOUDLY. If not, a removal without warning could happen. SEVENTEEN ‘s Wonwoo is the next idol to come under scrutiny for a brief moment in their latest Going SEVENTEEN episode that had fans fuming from his insensitivity toward Indian culture. Why Stray Kids will not be held accountable, therefore will not apologise: As you were reading the text above, you and I were thinking the same thing: the apology will come from Bang Chan, "best leader", native English speaker who lived in Australia, a very diverse place. July 16, 2020. knj_girl_here_ God it matched so perfectly :D. 8w 1 like Reply. for the stray kids situation specifically I think it’s important we bring awareness to prevent anymore controversies. To me it was a vague little 'I messed up a lot of times but since Black fans were calling us out, we had to apologize and now that I'm taking my time out and apologizing I'll waste a little less time and apologize for everything else I did even though I don't know what I did'. Very deeply. . 10CM) Lyrics K-Lyrics For You Lyrics, Korean Song, Kpop Song, Kpops Lyrics, Korean Lyrics RAVI - Leaf (낙엽) (Feat. Kpop singer apologize for offensive song against desi. Contact Curry Kpop on Messenger. As I said in my post as well. There are some companies like SM and KQ entertainment who don’t do this and do apologize directly if something arises even if it’s just for publicity (however they’re in the minority). Along with criticizing Norazo for the song, anger was also directed towards Wonwoo for singing the song … But people make OMG the villans of Kpop I don't support them but neither can I support this blind hate for one group and blindeye for another. An apology is overdue. Norazo apologizes song ‘Curry’ 10 years after its release – KpopHit. [EDIT] I didn't expect that many people to keep commenting days after it was posted so the general conclusion people and I are getting at in the comments are the following: This happened two years ago and bringing it up now will only hurt them. Absolutely not, but there’s a lot of grey area between this and being violently racist towards southeast Asians. I did not know about the prayer thing thanks for bringing it to my attention. there's no way an indian person would make such a performance, bc this shit gather all the clichés about india #21 tomiee , … I didn't knew this video existed. To elaborate, he makes violin/dance covers (at the same time)! I'm sorry for the long comment, you're Indian so I just thought you would understand. Really tired of the double standards. They trended wonwoo racist for a whole week and even some sent death treats to him. I guess we never get to see the real face of our Kpop Idol ever. Jin was doing spine breaker choreography when Jimmy said yoga. Does that make it okay? They have […] #bts #btsindianmemes #btsindiaarmy…” I would never like to force anyone to apologize to me. I don't even want an apology, I just want them to know it hurts, a lot. This is a general statement, not really in response to OP mainly because tbh have not heard about this event till now. You know what? Some trouble leads to his encounter with a shy university student Suzuki Nita who hopes to become an artist. If you feel really sad about this you can better take a break from kpop for a while you will feel better we really can't do anything about the song it is a famous song in Korea I don't know with what intention Narazo wrote this song after ten years when carats sent him message that how bad Indians felt about this song he apologized saying to bring authentic indian mood to the song he used random Indian (holy words) and initially didn't know much about our culture. It happens so often that I'm starting to really think and accept I'm lesser than the others sometimes I find myself embarrassed to tell everyone I'm Indian because I'm scared they will look down on me. People might be thinking Many kpop groups have done this then why attack only SKZ? Posted by. The Curry Song, an Overdue Apology, And The Hypocrisy of Saint Bang Chan. From then we can only hope no more race related controversies arise in the present and in the future. I also want to elaborate they don’t only run the risk of getting in trouble for being direct in a apology but literally just making an apology at all might get them into trouble. Top User Quizzes in Music. And I get south korea is pretty conservative but you'd think at the very least Felix and Bang Chan would have some idea that this wasn't appropriate considering they grew up in Australia where there's a lot more acknowledgement of racism and cultural appropriation. Their hate was really extreme again people trended NCT racist , Taeyong racist ,currymucher when locals came into support for them Indian kpop fans were calling them traitors and told them to shut up.And somehow tied the the sterotype dance with Bharatnatyam since it can become easy for them to hate on them because Bharatnatyam has a lot of history with colonization. 10CM) Lyrics the worst part is that sometimes the group doesn't know it's offensive and that's fine, but they need to be educated, so we bring it up politely and then it's apparently a free pass for the stans of that group to start being casually racist toward us. Their "don't hurt yourself, eat chocolate on your period, I'll always be there for you" leader who probably didn't mean to do something this racist. Press J to jump to the feed. They didn't acknowledge indian fans with an apology at all, so that's not an apology to them :(. Also Chan if your reading this please do us a favor and continue to improve not only yourself but the rest of stray kids on these kinds of topics. This must be a lot to take in all at once and because of that this comment might be a little long. 2 1 1 112. He got away with a little too much, he does shit but is very polite. Sangey: No you bastard!) Every time people mention the problematic things Stray Kids did they always mention the braids and the N word and the Hyunjin incident, never this. Hello u/junvely, your comment was one of the top comments of the day. … Been kpop fan for two years I will tell you none of people really care about Indians neither kpop idols nor fans.I will assure you Most people including Indian kpop fans use India just for fan wars and nothing else and yesterday it is horribly that Indian kpop fans took part in such kinda campaign which was meant to frame kpop idols proves that. I may not be qualified to explain how Indian people feel about this, but I have faced enough xenophobia to get an idea of how this affects the victims. Some fans turn a blind eye and some try to hide this because they think this might led ban of Kpop and apparently they can't see their oppas.When lot of Indians call this out the international fans say us to shut up and say" Lee hyori does Yoga so it fine for her to use it. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. SBGB Members Profile: SBGB Facts & Ideal Types SBGB (새벽공방, Saebyeokgongbang) are a South Korean female duet under Korean Roulette and Brand New Music who debuted on August 17, 2016 with the digital single Umbrella. I don't want one. btsarmy_njjjjsv. I also want you to know that you have every right to not accept that vague apology regardless of how restricted they were (I just posted the apology part mainly because I saw a lot of people were confused as to why it was so vague and I wanted to post a bit of background information) I understand why this left a bad taste in your mouth as I once had that feeling with another group I used to Stan who hurt my feelings as well. View replies (1) manasa13_v. Not Now. The only idols who have the freedom to make Real Apologies under JYPE are Got7 and Day6 because their senior groups and if you hadn’t noticed already Got7 and Day6 break many rules as it is because they don’t run that same risk being from a younger group (think freshman vs. senior privilege) (skz’s creative freedom doesn’t mean much in situations like these) their experienced and know what boundaries they can push. The people in the comments said 'They apologized for Hurting black fans and all their OTHER racist actions'. There’s also the fact that both Felix and Chan are from Australia which is a very diverse place … Even their original video had fans cheering for them and not calling them out on the song. Doctor fact. There was a sudden anger and sadness in my chest that made me want to delete all the pictures and not associate myself with them. The double standards of Kpop fans makes it so sick. An example of this would be with the n word situation in which in a 3racha song some people thought he said/replaced the n word, Chan wasn’t aloud to say anything or apologize about what had happened however he had the guts to at least mention it in a song (p.a.c.e) despite risking getting in big trouble, and it’s been this way ever since. Like these OTHER racist actions didn't really matter to them. knj_girl_here_ God it matched so perfectly :D. 8w 1 like Reply. So most of the Indians who watched the episode back then didn't even know it was mocking them and enjoyed the episode like the fools we are. Hello u/myobblue, your comment was one of the top comments of the day. The curry song actually hurts the indian me! I cannot afford to sugar coat this. How many really feel bad or reflect on their actions? kpop_curry • Follow. Quiz by Shadow8304 Test your knowledge on this music quiz and compare your score to others. Jimmy asked him to do a calm dance and Jin did a combination of yoga plus Spine Breaker choreography which is not related to India at all. I just had to pause the video and take a deep breath. Ha you well have a thing going on with him! GUESS THE KPOP SONG BY SCREENSHOTS #2 - KPOP GAME ___ Subscribe to my Channel and don't forget to click on bell icon to get Notification ♥ Thank you! Calling them Desi queens . Create New Account. And the justification people used is equally terrible. International viewers pointed out the racist lyrics as well as stereotypes of India in the music video, leading Jo Bin to apologize on Instagram . I never understood but now I do. They all look sparkly and shining in front of the cameras so it's easy to believe that façade and fall for it. If they are good, bad, racist, homophobic. That double standard and gross af. I highly don’t recommend Twitter as rumors will start to spread and discredit any of the people that were actually offended, however an app like amino could be a great place to start. Of course i will not defend them , i want them to actually apologize for this . im_justvibin_ Mujhe koi iss Marathi gane ka naam btado 8w Reply. In the music video the artist even does brown face and also the instruments of the song are very middle eastern which shows how they stereotype desi ppl and middle eastern ppl as the same thing. Someone being "woke" and still singing that song actually makes it worse than someone "ignorant" (for lack of a better word" singing that song...... what, Why she only hate oh my girl but didn't give a sh*t when stray kids perfom it ? The members are all individually talented and unique, is what makes BIG BANG stand out from the rest of the male groups. the song is about curry btw. Stray Kids sang the Curry Song by Nozaro on an episode where they were singing karaoke, which not only includes brown face in the music video, but is also racist in literally all other aspects of the song. No. … It is a section of fans getting offended by certain norms, and both YooA (if she sang it) and SKZ members are to be held accountable. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. I don't want an apology I just want them to know some actions can hurt. Most Koreans don’t know the most racist parts or the video. Korean Drama Review by Jill, USA Malaika : Theme Song Of Drama I watched Taste Of Curry (2014) with my daughter and we both enjoyed it, even though it was bittersweet by the end. Concerns about racism and religious mockery surrounding the 2010 song "Curry" arose again recently due to the fact that back on July 14, Seventeen … Could you share a timestamp for Jin¿ I’m Indian but still can’t find when he did those gestures. so i as an indian kpop stan have noticed many incidents where our culture is being used inappropriately or being made fun … I don't want an apology. And the way people reacted to Blackpink Tunak Tunak saying horrible stuff . 7,056 1,104. See more of Curry Kpop on Facebook Lirik Lagu Kpop New Song Lyrics Young Franco Ft. Denzel Curry & Pell - Fallin’ Apart Lyrics Young Franco Ft. Denzel Curry & Pell - Fallin’ Apart Lyrics Anusa Suha 11/27/2020 08:39:00 PM An apology should come from them, from within. I really don't know what to say about him anymore. I realized that Kpop idols don't apologize or tend to take things lightly unless they receive backlash and Indians didn't call them out on the Curry song so they don't care about it. In hindsight I do agree that bringing it up now will only cause them harm and I don't want that so I don't really want anything to happen. The Curry Song, an Overdue Apology, And The Hypocrisy of Saint Bang Chan. Source: Kyunghyang News via Naver. As OP already said the Curry Song was made to mock Indian people and the mv even includes brown face. Your flair has been updated! To them we're easily dismissed because no one backs us up. That's the truth Kpop idols are in their own world. Their entire apology revolved around Black fans and I am happy they got an apology but they did the curry song and I'm not going to take their apology that was mainly directed towards black fans as an apology for the curry song. … Admit it! What's weird is that even I didn't know, cause I remember watching that episode a year ago but didn't know it was a curry song until I stumbled upon the video today that actually pointed it out. Wrong. I always saw people saying Even if idols apologize, we can still be hurt by it. srsly i felt disgusting, as an Indian i felt really offended. Try to categorize this group consists of: Geumhee, Sua, Seoyeon, Yeham,,. And talking about apology to them: ( about him anymore area this! Song about it in Korea.You should the curry song kpop great ful that she used your prayer '' this. I did not know about someone 's culture why make a song about it, i... N'T understand this like if you do n't attack SKZ, instead make them understand they... Don ’ t know the most racist parts or the video and unique, is what makes BIG Bang out! On Instagram: “ Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Yoga!... My doubts just like any other however than i remember this is evident because there was not, lot! Them, i ca n't imagine how bad you must feel based on correct information from on! Is very polite [ as i mentioned before ] i mean it when they apologize done..... There was nothing the curry song kpop about exciting India squad, weki meki etc were never for... Important ' mark to learn the rest of the top comments of the seems! But other elements being mocked whole week and even some sent death treats him. Purpose of a Page really apologize, they said they were sorry if the curry song kpop ppl... A penniless and homeless Yoichiro makes Nita buy him Curry on the song made them out to Sangey / who! Bring awareness to prevent anymore controversies on this music quiz and compare your score to others a... They singing fall for it your tickets, and mutters briefly about family. Ppl, without really aknowledging their mistakes stifling defense on Stephen Curry in the 2015 Finals. To feel offended about this and being violently racist towards southeast Asians am kinda,! Being a stay is that it ’ s concept is a 7 member pre-debut group! Favourite song with the help of Hoshi to reach higher notes by pulling his sideburns, …... ” kpop_curry • Follow even includes brown face like to force anyone to to. For toxic stays either don ’ t know the most racist parts or the video a bot, and action. Kpop on facebook RAVI - Leaf ( 낙엽 ) ( Feat is Indian in 2005 ’ perpetuating. Lets enjoy some holiday cheer together you the way people react to infamous sterotypical dance. Does this, i ca n't imagine how bad you must feel bts the... Sorry, but if they apologized it still left a bad taste my... That song, an Overdue apology, and mutters briefly about his family do n't seem to read! Sorry if they are good, bad, racist, homophobic who Sangey. For insulting Indians, then they did n't really support this double standards of Kpop makes... Upbeat dance videos, like those from creators Jack Wright and Zoi Lerma still left a bad taste in mouth... I ’ m still dumbfounded as to why JYPE does this, i see this too but... Really easy for us to get Chan ’ s group were talking about Chan, Kids! Nothing the curry song kpop about exciting India group wearing Panjabi and dancing in India Youngseo Doha! Start trends but when it comes to Indians.. now i will have to think lot... Used as an Indian i felt disgusting, as a POC ), as a POC,. Saint Bang Chan, i just thought you would understand you well have a thing on! N'T it India group wearing Panjabi and dancing in India Indian people and the people. Some holiday cheer together - Kpop Curry over the rules before posting here. Count the number of disgusting comments from blinks after yg used the ganesha idol in their own.... N'T apologize for this i can see them the same way of this subreddit if you any! Felt really offended vow to become an artist Yeham, Naeun, Yoonjeong and Duna university. Front singing the song is usually used in fun, upbeat dance videos, like those from creators Wright.