They were named as English setters in the 19th century when Edward Laverack and Purcell Llewellin cross matched some of their breeds and were successful in creating a special hunting strain of these dogs. Temperament and behavior are also shaped by raising and training. They are perfectly suited to regular obedience training and thrive when trained to competitive levels or participate in dogs sports. His temperament, his morphology. The English Setter is one of the oldest breeds of gun dog, with a history that traces back to the 14th century. English Setters have a higher than average tendency to nip, chew, play-bite, or herd people. If you are looking for an even-tempered, medium- to large-sized dog that excels at hunting, look no further than the Pointer. They have an easy nature and love to be with their people. English Setter temperament, personality, training, behavior, pros and cons, advice, and information, by Michele Welton, Dog Trainer, Behavioral Consultant, Author of 15 Dog Books. English Setter Temperament and Personality The English Setter is gentle, affectionate and friendly with family but can be slightly aloof with people he doesn’t know. The combination of good looks and hunting ability make the English setter a perfect gentleman's hunting companion. These cannot be left alone for a longer time because of their need for companionship. However, it can be controlled to some extent by regular combing of the hairs. English Setter There are two types of English Setter: the field/hunting type and the bench/show type. They are a little bit more sensitive than other dog breeds. English Setters are very trainable dogs, but often present training difficulties. Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of English Setter : English setters are often differentiated from other dogs in their particular characteristics. The mellow temperament and loving nature of English Setters mean they do very well with children. Impulse to Wander or Roam. English setters are very sociable dogs. It was developed over hundreds of years from spaniel stock. Some are very playful and like large toys and are kept for playing with little children. Not only are these dogs even-tempered, but they get along great with children and rarely show aggression toward people or other dogs. Australian Shepherds are highly affectionate dogs. Temperament. Characteristics of the English setter Our ethics. It is a gun dog, bred for a mix of endurance and athleticism. English Setters are one of the most suitable breeds to have around children. They have friendly nature and play with children and other dogs. Prone to mast cell tumors. The real beauty of these dogs lies in their thick fur on the ears, chest, legs, and belly. These have wide nostrils and large, round, and dark brown eyes. They are also friendly towards strangers, which does not make them a very good guard dog. Dogs from both strains were exported world-wide, but the labels remain; today’s field setters are still commonly referred to as Llewellin setters while show dogs are more commonly referred to as Laverack setters. English Setter are intelligent dogs and in the right environment they respond well to training more especially positive reinforcement. Due to their athletic nature, these are still kept for the purpose of hunting. Negus. English Setter Size The English setters' ancestry has been traced back to the ancient Persian. These are mostly long and lean and have an oval shaped head. The original field/hunting type (sometimes called the "Llewellin Setter") is smaller, with a broader, natural-looking head and much less hair. English Setters are very intelligent and can be trained to perform about any task another breed can do, with the exception of herding. Our dogs. English Setter are recognized as one of the most friendly and mild-mannered canine. If any of such problems is found, take it to the doctor and get a proper treatment for these. Because of its origin, it is also called South African Mastiff. They inherit these characteristics from their ancestors. These dogs are usually stubborn in nature and can be controlled only with consistency. These dogs are very affectionate and love to receive and give affection. The Setters are smart and intelligent. English setters are mostly gentle in behavior and, therefore, are not recommended as watch dogs. Brush the teeth frequently for good overall health and fresh breath. Children can be tolerated but those under five years old should be … English setters are normally considered healthy dogs and are less prone to diseases. English Setters have competed well in obedience and agility competitions. The English Setter is a medium-size breed of dog. They make great family pets; they are gentle, affectionate, and intelligent. It is part of the Setter family, which includes red Irish Setters, Irish Red and White Setters, and black-and-tan Gordon Setters. These are medium in size with large and hazel eyes and medium ears. Breeding English setters is not an easy task as they require a lot of exercise and companionship. Good with Kids: This is a suitable breed for kids and is known to be playful, energetic, and affectionate around them. Some are very agile and strong and are used to pull carts on snows. Keep in mind that the inheritance of temperament is less predictable than the inheritance of physical traits such as size or shedding. These dogs should be bathed after five to six weeks to keep away the bad smell. This is an amiable, easygoing breed that gets along well with children, strangers and other dogs. Intelligence. Since their origin, English setters have been passing through various changes. Sensitivity Level. English setters are said to have their origin from France some 400 to 500 years ago. If you are a regular exercising person, these are suitable for you. Moderately Easy Training: The English Setter must be trained with a consistent and loving approach. Owing to this characteristic, it had historically been used as a guardian for livestock and…, The Ariegeois, also known as an Ariege Hound, was only bred in the early 1900s but has already made its name as one of the best hunting dogs out there.…, The English Mastiff, or more commonly just the Mastiff, is an extremely large domestic dog breed thought to be a descendant of the Pugnaces Britanniae and the ancient Alaunt. This should be equally divided into two meals. They are, however, very alert and will bark to announce guests – just to happily greet them right after. English Setter Dog - Temperament. Although very intelligent, the Red Setters have a reputation for being difficult to train. The coat is flat, with feathering on the ears, underside, backs of legs, underside of thighs, and tail. English Setters get along well with other dogs and people. Following are the main characteristics of these dogs. There are long hairs on their legs, ears, and tail. The English Setter is a playful breed. To conclude, it can be said that English setters are one of the most agile, lovely, and playful dogs on the Earth. For the next 50 years, Laverack bred a line of setters famous for their hunting qualities and beauty. They are very intelligent and due to their high sense of smell are used to trace out the theft. They were used to point and achieve the target. Its markings are distinctive, consisting of flecks of color, sometimes with patches, on a white background. The diet should be a balanced one to maintain their energy level. Carelessness may suffer them into diseases like dysplasia, hypothyroidism, deafness, and epilepsy.

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