I'm looking to build a human Paladin (that will take the Oath of the Ancients at 3rd), and I'm having trouble deciding between two routes (obviously both will focus on Charisma, too): 1) Strength-based, taking Polearm Master with my free feat and (potentially) Sentinel with the second. It is time for another fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons character build. Mechanics-wise, this is similar to the paladin of Conquest, with its most notable feature being a unique aura that powers up friendly undead and fiends. Guild Artisan: Insight and Persuasion are good skills for a paladin to have, but the tool isn’t relevant. Look at it another way, the Oath of the Ancients is aboutn protecting the light and beauty in the world at all costs. The Oath of the Ancients if you wanted to play a 4e Warden. If the devotion paladin is the Green Lantern the oath of the ancients paladin is the Blue Lantern. Protectors of sacred groves as well as innocents, the often-chaotic good Paladins of the Oath of the Ancients devote themselves to protecting the Light from the darkness of the world, which is a pretty vague mission. I plan on doing tons of damage. The available paladin subclasses are currently the oath of devotion, the oath of the ancients, the oath of vengeance, the oath of the crown, the oath of conquest, the oath … Oath of the Ancients. The Oath of the Ancients is as old as the race of elves and the rituals of the druids. The ancient oath works with all kinds of nature to vanquish those who would seed evil into otherwise peaceful grounds. From RAW: The Undying Sentinel feature states: Starting at 15th level, when you are reduced to 0 hit points and are not killed outright, you can choose to drop to 1 hit point instead. Paladin: Oath of the Ancients. Oath of the Ancients paladins do not die of old age. I think either way I want to go at least 6 levels of paladin. Technically this oath is meant to bridge the gap between paladin and druid, you gain several very “nature-y” features including a channel divinity that’s essentially the entangle spell. Game Mechanics: Additional spells, with a nature focus, work to control movement and interact with plants and animals. Oath of the Ancients The Oath of the Ancients sees you fight to build hope in the world. Made a level 1 varient human paladin, I plan on going oath of the ancients, I want to dip sorcerer for quicken and more spell slots, I also like the idea of dipping fighter for more ASI's. The evil paladin build, you must consult with your DM before playing this, and it's banned in most sanctioned events. As a fan of American Horror Story I wanted to play a … You look to encourage others and make the world a little brighter for everyone with the aid of nature. In 5e, builds are no longer necessary to survive and thrive, so feel free to do whatever you prefer in terms of preferred playing style, roleplay and such. This time we will look at Maala, the Oath of the Ancients goliath paladin character I played in episode four of out RPG Crate sponsored game, Adventures on the Open Road: A Knight’s Tomb.Maala is a D&D character built on one major concept, the bearded woman. Folk Hero: An Oath of the Ancients Paladin might find this flavorful, though not functional. You’ll use the herbalism kit … Hermit: Medicine and Religion are your two most useful class skills. Theme: To this paladin, nothing is more valuable than loyalty to life itself. I'll be starting with GWM and GWF fighting style and feat.