And I already made all the assembly mistakes so you don't have to. loop these over a nail or tape them to a surface and begin the braid. I think it will turn out nicely, Question Wow! You will need to do this to three bags to start your braid, though I suggest doing this whole process as you were a one person factory line - flatten all the bags you have, cut off the tops and bottoms, and then cut them all into strips, hanging the strips somewhere they won't get too tangled. Remove the bottom of the plastic bottle. Keep them in a big plastic bottle. Here are 20 beautiful, useful and just plain fun plastic bottle crafts to inspire you to put them to use. make sure that you're always pulling the thread tight when building the basket - it'll keep the braids in the right position and keep them from shifting as you add extra layers. Just cut slits in the side of a bottle; then, use plarn—that's yarn made from plastic bags—to weave a pattern into the sides. That is to say, make them into rope/twine. Do you want to learn how to recycle materials and make crafts with them? Isn’t this cool? You may also use other materials such as paper, yarn and drinking straws to make some unique baskets. I love this ! Woven Recycled Bottle Basket from Creative Jewish Mom i think i'm gonna give it a try don't have polyester thread only have sewing thread but any how gonna give it a try, 5 years ago 2 years ago 9 months ago. Lay out a plastic bag, and fold in the sides as shown in picture two. Just need some advise from you, I lived in Malaysia, which is summer and rainy all the times. Can I use plastic tablecloths fir this project? Make your own recycled vase using this super easy tutorial for a plastic flower vase from plastic bottle! Believe it or not, plastic bottles can be used to make all sorts of things, from jewelry to home decor items and many more. In this tutorial you will learn how to make flowers out of plastic bottle… This one is a lot of work but makes an amazing feature in the garden. Though recycling can help with this, turning plastic bottles into a recycling center is not the only way you can reuse Cut up and to the right again, mirroring the first time you did it, and then cut straight until you reach a point where you have one closed strip left. Hanging Bottle Garden. Then open the bag to its full width. Snip off the very top/handles and the very bottom, then open the bag to its full width. on Introduction. Plastic flower vase Not only will you be a happy camper, you will be a sultan of efficiency! push your needle through every other round, pulling/keeping the thread taut as you go. Fun craft activity for kids. Wow! 7 years ago Happy crafting! Here is an amazing DIY project to weave a plastic basket from plastic bottles. This Easter craft is ideal if you wish to make Easter baskets with whatever bits and pieces are at hand. I stored something in such a bag in one of my dresser's drawer once. Snip off the very top/handles and the very bottom. You will end up with lots of lengths of braid that you have to sew together... so lots of extra work, and you probably won't be able to feel your fingers after. on Step 6. Here’s the link to the detailed instructions…, UTSUMI – How to Weave Plastic Baskets from Plastic Bottles. This does require more patience and a bigger work area, but goes very quick once you get the hang of it. Take the ubiquitous plastic bottle for example, you’ll find 1001 hacks on youtube for making all sorts of things with them, and I’ve just added another idea – a Plastic Bottle Gift Box . Reply Speciality: Children can easily make this craft because of its easy-to-follow instructions. 10 months ago Plastic bottles fill up landfills and harm the environment. No knitting or crochet required, just some sewing and braiding. on Introduction. Turn the bag so a side seam is facing you, and cut up and to the right in a sweeping motion until you get at least four inches in, and then begin cutting in a straight line. Plastic bottles can also be used to create amazing lighting fixtures 3. then twining them. Mark the pattern on the outside of the bottle using a felt tip pen or slim marker. How big and how much bags does it have to be/be made of to hold a weeks worth of recycling??? In … Mar 13, 2016 - Make a Basket Out of Plastic Bags: No knitting or crochet required, just some sewing and braiding. Simple DIY Hydroponics Net Pot/basket From Recycled Bottles: Quick, simple, easy and cost effective way to make your own net pot/basket for your hydroponics garden out of used/recycled plastic bottles and nylon mesh shower sponges. This is an easy and simple method, with just a few materials required. Rinse out your empty bleach bottle with water, thoroughly wash with hot soapy water and let dry. I never got out a ruler, but it's very useful to size up the side seam of the bag before you start cutting to determine how many strips you'll be able to cut. To start making a flower out of a plastic bottle, you should cut the plastic bottle as shown in the picture, i.e. Building a raft out of plastic bottles can be a cost-effective way to have a rafting adventure. I actually found it so much easier to just hot-glue the basket together than to sew it. At this point I double checked the strength of the bottom, added a few stitches through the outside two rounds for extra stability, and then decided I was finished. Straws are very common in our daily life. Then begin your braiding. It's not the quickest project - it'll probably take you a couple days to make one, but the results are well Then, anchor the two layers of braids together as shown in pictures 8-11, and knot on the inside of the basket as shown in the last picture. Shade your car from the sun by creating a garage out of plastic bottles 4.