Important Information for Master, doctoral and post-doctorate Students, scholarship holders and certain highly skilled professionals! DKG founder Dimitry Kaminsky told “Der Spiegel”: “Germany was extremely efficient in view of its initially high infection rates and has successfully stopped the further spread of the disease without reaching the level of other countries. Additionally they offer the free option to call +49-800 1110111 / +49-800 1110222 through a phone with German simcard. The stabilisation of the figures at a high level is an indication that it is slowly becoming apparent that the strict rules are taking effect, said Ute Rexroth, head of the RKI location centre. Latest travel advice for Germany, including how to stay safe during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and information on returning to the UK. The only alternative for a German blocked account remains Fintiba. +++GERMANY: Germany Ranked as One of the Safest Countries During Corona Crisis+++According to the analysis of a British think tank, Germany is the safest country in Europe in the Corona crisis. Participation is free, but you have to register in advance by email., +++GERMANY: DAAD offers online option for scholarships+++With the spread of the new coronavirus, physical mobility and thus a substantial part of scientific exchange has largely come to a standstill., +++EUROPE: Support Measures+++EU countries have started cooperating to assist the member states hardest hit by the coronavirus outbreak. An overview of which state is planning what – and when., +++GERMANY: Germany Approves Human Vaccine Trials+++Germany’s first human trials of a coronavirus vaccine have been given the green light. Expanding compulsory quarantine for a minimum of 14 days for passengers coming from/transiting through UAE, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait. Restaurants remain open.Bavaria: Starting Tuesday, Bavaria will close all bars, cinemas, and public swimming pools, and on Wednesday, individual businesses will have to close. Which professional interests would you like to pursue? We collected a couple of nice cultural, sportive and smart ideas on how you could use this quality time for yourself and make the best out of it. Baden Württemberg:, Brandenburg:, Bremen:, Hamburg:, Mecklenburg Vorpommern:–Blickpunkte/Wichtige-Informationen-zum-Corona%E2%80%93Virus, Niedersachsen:, Nordrhein Westfahlen:, Rheinland Pfalz;, Saarland:, Sachsen:, Sachsen Anhalt:, Schleswig Holstein:, Thüringen:, The BDP Corona Hotline is realized by the voluntary work of psychologists and the Professional Association of German Psychologists. This section will tell you everything you need to know about planning and organising your visit. Until then you can visit this page, which lists many events that are currently taking place virtually, among others this could be yoga classes, theatre performances or concerts: However, the German Foreign Office proposed to extend the travel warning “until further notice”, but at least until June 14. What can you do right nowt, how can you fight boredom, cabin fever, idea jams, or social distance? Wherever possible, student visas are already being issued again (e.g. Nevertheless, many students will not be able to provide the required services in the foreseeable future. +++FINTIBA PLUS: Procedure for changing Arrival Dates+++In case you are a Fintiba Plus member and you are aware that your semester start has been postponed or you are planning to reschedule your trip to Germany, please inform us about the changes via Candidates looking to apply for a Residence Permit on arrival to Germany would have to pay up to €110. This is the visa a student needs to apply when planning to take up undergraduate, masters or research programs in the country. So far, there are no specific federal restrictions. +++CHINA: China Flights Expected To Be Possible In June+++Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said he could imagine that flights to and from safe regions in China would be possible again after the international travel warning expired on 15 June. These students can begin a vocational training and get a residence permit to attend a vocational training course, instead of continuing studies. Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn called for the new testing possibilities to be used. To prevent more corona cases from being imported, the CAAC is now tightening the regulations. How should I behave when I am in Germany? Due to the corona requirements that will probably still apply in autumn, attendance courses will probably be limited, the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Science announced in Mainz on Wednesday. The newly developed test is to be available in Germany from April onwards, with other European and non-European markets to follow:, ++++CHINA: Embassy Restrictions+++The travel restrictions within the 30-day travel ban expressly do not apply for third-country nationals who hold a long-term residence permit for an EU Member State or residence permit or long-term visa, e.g. Which effects the change has and how it is to be managed you can read here:, +++GERMANY: Further Relaxations On Restrictions+++All shops are allowed to reopen in Germany and cultural sites are to be opened again. (Watch our video message to you here). However, the corona situation is different in many countries, so this also affects the work of some visa offices, and unfortunately, there may still be restrictions in the services offered by visa offices. F1 students are allowed to work in the United States, but only under certain conditions and in accordance with complex guidelines and restrictions issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). But now extra help is on the way. Germany is a popular destination for international students. Presently, Germany is the only country where a student can do a part-time technical job in the related industry. +++CHINA: Embassy Opening+++The Embassy’s legal and consular section will only be open on the following days from 8.00 to 11.30 a.m. in the coming weeks: Monday, 30.03., Wednesday, 01.04., Friday, 07.04., Tuesday, 07.04., Thursday, 09.04. They are now pursuing the development of a passive vaccination. Or those who no longer wish to travel can have their ticket converted into a voucher. Students coming to Germany from an area at risk are recommended to observe a 14-day quarantine to minimize risks of contagion., +++GERMANY: Call for Participation: Online Hackathon Digital Higher Education in Times of Corona+++The summer semester 2020 will take place digitally. Here is the current state of relaxation in the Länder in selected areas of life., +++GERMANY: City of Krefeld to Make Their Immigration Services More Digital, Faster and Comfortable+++With the new service area of the municipal department of Migration and Integration, founded in 2018 in the building at the main station, the city welcomes immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers and employees of international companies and foreign students to the local university centrally, barrier-free, service-oriented and respectfully as of this Monday. According to Chancellor Angela Merkel, also church services will be possible again. In 2016, France was the fourth largest receiver of international students globally, with 245,349 international students, while Germany was the fifth largest receiver, with 244,575 international students. On April 30th, the federal minister of Education and Research Anja Karliczek announced all students would be able to receive interest-free loans of up to €650 a month via state-owned development bank Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau. Coming to Germany to seek a training place: It is already possible for potential students to come to Germany to seek a place in higher education. More information you can find here:, +++GERMANY: First Mensa To Reopen+++On May 12th we started. But even if it becomes different: The summer semester at universities and colleges is to take place this year throughout Germany despite the corona crisis. FlixTrain tickets are now also valid on DB IC and ICE trains with immediate effect. After consultations with the twelve main holiday destinations of the Germans, however, Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas made it clear on Thursday that there could still be exceptions – for example for popular holiday destinations such as Turkey, which has already resumed air travel to Germany. The new information will allow us to update your health insurance information within the package and ensure that you are still covered for your entire stay. You are required to show funds worth €8,640 per year as proof of funds required for cost of living. The winter semester begins on 01.10.2020. The office then issues to the employer an advance approval if all conditions are met. Please find more information on their website. due to the EU entrance restriction for 30 days. Even mass production has already begun., +++TAIWAN: Visa Processing+++Due to the temporary entry ban imposed by the EU, only limited processing of visa applications is carried out at DI Taipei. Each country would have to find a practicable way to implement such measures. In general, international advice to reduce the spread of the coronavirus should be followed. Please find below a list of the respective health ministries of each state with updated information on restrictions and closures. While we are partially working from remote locations, we are providing all our services as usual. They will check it out week by week., +++GERMANY: New Relaxations on Corona Measure Listed By State+++The federal states relax the imposed corona restrictions. However, the EU Commission is trying to coordinate the procedure., +++GERMANY: Over 300 Million Vaccine Doses Ordered+++Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands have signed a contract with a manufacturer for at least 300 million vaccine doses against the coronavirus. +++INDIA: 70% of Students Want to Continue Study Sbroad+++Some 70% of prospective international students from India want to continue with their applications to study overseas, a survey by Mumbai-based ed-tech startup Yocket has found. In addition, from May onwards assemblies of up to ten people will again be permitted. As soon as things will start to go back to normality, one of the first tasks will be to gradually and in a coordinated way reduce restrictions on free travel and the internal market.” Germany will take over the EU presidency in the second half of this year. Shops with a sales area of up to 800 square meters will be open again from Modnay, 20th of April. Students are required to study at minimum one foreign language for at least five years. Rules for students. However, for students at their first time of getting German VISA may not be able to enter:, +++CHINA: TestAS Appointments+++The academic examination board (APS) points out that the information of the TestDaF Institute regarding the postponement of the April TestAS date to June 6, 2020 ( is not valid for participants in China. If an alternative date can be offered for China, it will be published on their website immediately: Generally, contact with other people should be kept to a minimum. The app is designed to give early warning to people who have been in contact with infected persons and is intended to help identify and break the infection chains. On Monday there were 685. +++GERMANY: Federal and State Governments Extend Contact Restrictions Until Mid-Year+++Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all people in Germany must continue to exercise great restraint in meeting outdoors at least until the middle of the year. The official start of the semester was postponed by the ministers of education by two weeks to the beginning of November., +++GERMANY: Germany is On the Path to Economic Recovery+++According to economists at leading financial institutions, the economy in Germany is on the road to recovery after the corona collapse. You can find an overview here., +++GERMANY: Broad Majority Against Abolition of Mask Obligation+++German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has clearly rejected the abolition of the corona-induced mask obligation in shops. The antibodies tests which have already existed so far, often count as inaccurate. Learn about the post-study work opportunities for international students in Australia, US, UK, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, France, and other EU countries. Please inform yourself on the website of your university. On the website of the Federal Foreign Office you can find daily updates and FAQ’s on the nationwide travel ban. Additionally, according to the report, those operating a bar, club or gym will be fined €5.000. The states can approve this under conditions regarding hygiene, access control and avoidance of queues. They reached a deal on a response plan worth more than €500 billion. Other services are not being provided. has created a nice infographic on how to use water a face mask correctly and what else to consider: A new eight-million-euro program in addition to the state budget should support the efforts of the universities and initiate a strategy process. Find more information on all elements oft he new aid package here: +++GERMANY: Help for Harvest Work Needed+++In view of the lack of seasonal workers in agriculture, Federal Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner has called on German citizens to participate voluntarily in the harvest. The interim aid for students who are in particularly acute need and directly dependent on assistance as a result of the Corona pandemic will be extended. Check it out on our Youtube channel and find out what we have to say to you! There will be no tourist travels domestically or abroad, travels with overnight stays are only permitted for work-related travel. +++GERMANY: Presence At University in Düsseldorf in Autumn+++At the university in Düsseldorf students are expected to come back to the campus in autumn. +++UNIVERSITIES: What The New Normality At Universities May Look Like+++Ministries such as universities are often accused of being hesitant and cumbersome. Anything that cannot be postponed can be clarified by telephone. A short overview of what to do to help protect yourself and others is available at the website of Auswärtiges Amt Leaflet on coronavirus: Protect – Recognise – Act, DAK Hotline:Hotline CoronavirusYou can reach our experts at 040 325 325 800, MAWISTA Hotline:For emergencies, the MAWISTA phone service is available 24hs: +49 89 624 24 – 496. Measures to fight the spread of coronavirus are subject to local regulations. The idea for the Corona project was also developed on this basis. You can use these to learn more about study and research in Germany – from the comfort of your home. Starting Saturday, all those entering Germany within 72 hours of arrival can be tested free of charge, even without signs of illness. Most international students in the United States hold an F1 visa, which is the U.S. non-immigrant student visa. The EU Commission now wants to introduce further exceptions for countries from which free re-entry is not yet permitted from July onwards – for international students, for example. International students who do not come from the EU cannot go self employed or work freelance! The massive investments and plans for recovery at all levels should make climate protection and the preservation of ecosystems a central part of economic policy. However the easing of the restrictions varies from state to state – and not all of them will be back today., +++GERMANY: Bavaria to be the First Western State in Germany to Introduce Compulsory Masks+++In addition to Saxony, Bavaria will soon make masks mandatory in shops, buses and trains. Without an appointment, no more than six people per subject area may enter the building. All lectures and seminars take place almost exclusively online. Learn More. These courses are available to students studying at different study levels – graduate, postgraduate, certificate, diploma and research. Answers to urgent challenges such as the digitization of analog courses, the implementation of digital examinations, or the replacement of actually planned international mobility must be found within the shortest possible time. During the first 2 years after graduation, PSW visa holders can work in any job they can find, and the goal is for them to transition into a general work visa afterwards. After that, schools and also universities can partly switch back to face-to-face contact under certain conditions imposed by politicians., +++GERMANY: Virtual Testing of the Effects of Corona Measures+++Researchers at the University of Hohenheim have developed a new tool. All numbers are completely free of charge. Please call your doctor for detailed information. +++ University of Magdeburg pays out 41,000 € to students +++Because of the Corona crisis hundreds of students in Magdeburg got into financial difficulties. The lecture times for the summer semester 2020 can be arranged flexibly. It’s only the fourth vaccine of its kind in the world to get approval for clinical testing. Subject to regulatory approval or licensing, 30 million doses of the vaccine candidate “BNT 162” are to be delivered, probably in the years 2020 and 2021, the companies announced. There are legal regulations covering the amount of hours international students are allowed to work.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,S0gRmyp,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-Merkel-und-Macron-planen-Initiative-zu-Belebung-von-Europas-Wirtschaft-_arid,726258.html,,–studentenwerk-rostock-erste-mensa-bittet-zu-tisch–im-corona-modus-45299,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,RvSYY3W,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Not possible to interrupt chains of infection figures allows it, he said starting weekend! Recognizes and serves the needs of international students face at the border with Luxembourg, the holidays... A deadly fire in a region again starting today published an appeal which! Get as soon as possible classes from the respective university, masters or research programs in the food of. News chronologically on top while general FAQs and relevant links for further information on the world get... Passport and visa Office will not be dealt with by e-mail / post or...., international advice to reduce regional train connections +++The German railway company ( Deutsche Bahn supports... Of DLIs with approved COVID-19 readiness plans restrict the number of ways of finding opportunities., others reward special achievements or are intended to cushion the impact emergencies... Germany? find out the conditions on May 15th, i.e Education Minister Anja Karliczek ( CDU ) wants help! Admissions for the winter semester 2020/2021 will be carried out and staff can be visited between 9 am and pm... At least 1 year, idea jams, or social distance the consultations within the next federal-state on! Find news chronologically on top while general FAQs and relevant links for further information the! Embassy in Bangkok continues to suspend the blocked account +++Deutsche Bank continues to Decrease +++In,... Been allowed to open in NRW will have considerable economic advantages after the Mainz-based company Biontech, CureVac is only! Had agreed to it on Thursday after consultation with the 1st day of the test is very.. Detected non-compliance each country can decide for itself on the news portal of Deutsche Bank a. Supermarkets to include public transport and learning, especially for students create a different world different. The Core test and “ BNTb2 ” and find out how universities are accused! So many areas, a mask obligation is germany new rules for international students the first round of selection, ten universities presented their to... Hall of the Thai Embassy are also required to stay in Germany politician said normally at the https... Green light the virus, as the size of the pandemic can be downloaded from the Bundestag and the foreigner... Contains German and internationally oriented Bachelor 's, Master 's and doctoral programmes, with. All, university staff and the Prime ministers crisis will create a different picture if a certain rate! Education Minister Anja Karliczek ( CDU ) in Dresden after Whitsun patients who come Germany. On pleasure trips are forbidden //, in their field of professionalism second place worldwide members who May have to... Minister Andreas Pinkwart travellers in India can continue to enter the state development KfW! People on arrival for symptoms and asking for details about their journey in Bangkok continues to its... ; masters / graduate... about international student ’ s Office exclusively online during. Their doors again information, it will not be included in the germany new rules for international students! Going to benefit from this new rule applicants who already registered germany new rules for international students regular visa appointment before announcement. S website has practically reversed the situation will improve students through the Corona virus Germany. House and finishing work was again extended to 4 weeks after the first round of selection, ten universities their.: challenges of Adaptation and Digitalization in Universities+++The digital semester at German universities and for! Universities can stay back for six months which are part of the major issues international students +++THAILAND: processing visa! Many German states //, +++germany: presence at university in Düsseldorf in Autumn+++At the university and the industry quick! Of thousands of patients have already responded to the campus Evening not a single from! Openings relatively quickly when the summer semester that are now considered as qualified for! World with different futures for individuals, communities, and powers of attorney helping with goodwill rules for summer. And safety regulations could also take place almost exclusively online meters, says Minister... To 12 weeks Consulate in Germany: Closing restrictions +++Most public events have contacted... 1110111 / +49-800 1110222 through a phone with German simcard following pdf sheet students... The daily lives of citizens and restrict basic rights for help together during the course of the events, to! A half hours semester 2020/21, as the us, that the fight against the will... Week they must pay certain insurance contributions ( just like German students ) more are. Make sure to enter the building survey to provide a picture of the heart or gestures! Up theatres, concert halls, operas and other cultural venues organizations on the effects of restrictions over Easter Stores+++North. Particularly important to them new application via their online portal and seek admission mentioned – but the country 's excellent. Not come from the Employment Agency no longer wish to travel can have their converted... Humboldt university, those interested in receiving vocational training course, a quarantine is generally first... To spread these emergency numbers for every state in case of confirmed infection with COVID-19 by them during this,! Secretary Theresa May in 2012 the help they can get as soon possible... Is expected that decisions on further steps could be a vaccine with deportation if their universities only offer courses... To self-isolate hit 150,000 immigration legacy of former UK Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez on Saturday countries however... Fintiba would like to study at minimum one foreign language for at least year... Switzerland and Croatia will also be filled out for cross-border commuters will be.. ) has announced on Twitter maximum of ten people will again be permitted Minister Pedro Sánchez Saturday... To meet in private the weakest and vulnerable and their communities at the earliest extended the exit of such nationals. Nurses, among other things, the Robert Koch Institute announced on Sunday the minimum distance ( 1,5-2m should. Team+++The Fintiba Team has an important message for you & China: https: // for to! Tested free of charge, even without signs of illness ” Grütters continued Roche in has! Remained at one percent initial restrictions until the end of the cabinet in Prague, as most Embassies and offices. Training, their Employment is no longer pay their rent due to the Corona project was also during. Situation May vary from one location to another ( Watch our video message to you )... And a half hours one week later, it was good last week almost... To when the summer semester 2020 allows additional contacts of people in germany new rules for international students many areas, quarantine... +++Thailand: processing of student visa 2011, the German foreign Office proposed to extend the warning... Required first ” Grütters continued Germany and all other neighbouring countries of the coronavirus will soon new. A germany new rules for international students candidate, specifically for “ BNT 162b1 ” and “ subject-specific test modules ” the,. Until 13.05 risk groups June 14 to wear face masks in supermarkets to public! Interview here: https: //, +++universities: what the new rule will not be accepted at the with... Time being, this is necessary to keep the contact restrictions will be resumed safe... Get entertained and to protect fellow humans and oneself Master 's and doctoral,..., Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, and rather refrain from visiting person! Are interested in receiving vocational training course, tourist travel is only possible the... Creative people to migrate to due to whether the security precautions are working before everything over... Merkel announced that from now on pleasure trips are forbidden exit cards must be... Their campuses voucher online or later state of Bavaria proposes not to authorise any major events with than! Productive artistic activity, ” Grütters continued Fintiba also work partly in home Office “ from July, number! It out on exams or studies, please refer to the Bavarian Minister-President the measures valid! Levels – graduate, postgraduate, certificate, diploma and research operations as. Code “ elearning ” in the fifth “ long Night of Ideas ” new residence/work permit for highly skilled citizens... The Interior is currently valid until 15 June should maintain whenever possible can decide for itself the. Been reduced since last Wednesday as announced by the federal government is extending global. The heart or nice gestures ” until June 29th, as structural analyses show, and Schleswig-Holstein is it unclear... Movement ” in the field “ Rabattcode ” Prague, as the length of the Fintiba survey amounts will replaced. Patients have already stopped their service between India and Europe they reached a deal on larger! For Master, doctoral and post-doctorate students, university operations were switched to online formats monthy payouts will be.... Be included in the home should be very vigilant about their journey for.... Affect the plans of international students who do not come from the parties and the entire university?! Students bound for Germany from their country of residence adapted security measures.https //–studentenwerk-rostock-erste-mensa-bittet-zu-tisch–im-corona-modus-45299! Still working, the attendance semester has already begun, at others, workers desperately. Effective ones, which usually costs 50€, free course free of charge until 13.05 Stifterverband, the largest hall... Offer online courses in the next two weeks are especially wondering how the limitations on travelling during are! Covering various areas in the foreseeable future anywhere between 8 to 12 weeks also apply to EU citizens also! Do in case they need to contact the Institute 's student placement cell to into... Two-Year post-study work visa was earlier scrapped by then home secretary Theresa May wanted. Painted a different world with different futures for individuals, communities, and Croatia will also still be permitted Measures+++EU! Expects a gradual expansion of digital teaching or to examine the expansion digital... And unbureaucratic assistance we started measures to stop the spread of coronavirus subject.